Hesketh Bank Christian Centre is able to function because of the generous donations provided by so many different people. 

Hesketh Bank Christian Christian Centre does not receive funding from any kind of 'external central body'.

So in simple terms, we do what we do because of these generous donations and we are incredibly grateful.

To be perfectly transparent, we are always in need of more funding as cash flow can be tight at times.

If you are able to give to the church, the ideal scenario is a standing order as this enables us to plan ahead.

However, we are also very grateful for one-off donations.

If you would like to give you can send money to the church office.

However, it is far better to give electronically.

Our bank details are as follows:

Name: Hesketh Bank Christian Centre
Account Number: 65892415
Sortcode: 08-92-99

If you have any queries, please contact the church office.

Many thanks.

Stuart Taylor, 20/03/2021